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Evelyn's Arms Children's Home

Who We Serve

Evelyn's Arms is dedicated to the care of orphans, as part of the SRYC. It was developed with open doors for orphans currently in need, promoting the sensitivity to provide future care for others in their community. 

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In the in DRC, the care of orphans and abandon children is provided by private organizations. This is a result from the lack of government run children’s homes, which has also led to a decreasing number of places to receive new babies and children. Subseqently, the number of children continues to increase daily, at all ages. They are left with no other option to living on the streets in unimaginable conditions and risks.

The Evelyn's Arms Childrens' Home

is named in honor of Evelyn Dixon, Joyce Hightower's (the founder of DHF) mother. Evelyn was born, the eldest daughter, in a family of 12 (3 girls and 9 boys) children. As the eldest daughter she had the responsibility of caring for her younger bothers and sisters, from the time she was very young.

Evelyn attained her university degree and went on to became a loving mother to five children of her own. After raising her own children, she continued to show loving affection for children throughtout the world as she traveled. She is remembered in many countries for her contributions to comfort children, whether financially or with tender cradling arms.

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