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Muriel's Place
Vocational Training Center

Who We Serve

The vocational training center for widows on the Solid Rock Youth Campus was started to provide another option for widows, with children, to make a living. We promote economically sustainable livelihoods and transformations, through God’s truth for those society considers worthless. It is our first prototype, and we will implement vocational training or support local training in future outreach.


In the DRC, many women are forced off of their farmland and out of their homes by traditional law and/or relatives when their husbands die. The vocational training program was started to help provide an income as well as assure healthy diets for their children.

Widows are provided free training, which includes an outline for the care and marketing of their produce. During graduation, following completion of the course, the women are given tools to begin the use of their newly gained agricultural skills. Currently, the lives of over 100 women have been changed, in addition to those of their children.


Muriel's Place Vocational Training Center

is named after Muriel Thompson, a giant among women in the world. She has worked tirelessly to help empower young women. Through her efforts, she has supported and worked with a range of projects which provide women in difficult situations with resources. This has included access to a comprehensive understanding of choices, as well as training for livelihoods.

She was part of the foundational organization in the USA, of Shifra’s gardens, which has developed into a national network of homes, which supports women with unplanned pregnancies.

She has been a faithful financial and moral supporter of Muriel’s Place.Through the DHF Muriel’s Place is one of the longest-running programs we sponsored, with over one hundred women having completed the greenhouse and cooperative marketing development training .Thank you for being an example for the rest of us.

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